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What is Deep Data?

Deep Data is a technology applications company focused on delivering useful, powerful, beneficial services to enhance lives using state of the art computing, analytics and machine learning technologies. Working in collaboration with strategic partners,  we leverage the development and application of advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, Internet of Things (IOT) and data analytics to affordably solve some of society’s pressing problems in a responsible way. 

We care deeply about what we do and making a positive impact through our systems and services.

In short:

Building systems that deliver you peace of mind

How was Deep Data created?

The founders of Deep Data have been deeply involved in the construction and scientific data processing of the MeerKAT Radio Telescope, a precursor to the world renowned scientific space project the SKA or Square Kilometer Array, and also in developing mission critical business IT systems.  They have taken those skills, expertise and tools and applied their minds to solving problems back here in Africa; and Deep Data is the result.

Dr Jasper Horrell heads up the team – he has held senior positions in computing and innovation at SKA SA and has a PhD from the University of Cape Town in Radar Signal Processing. Dr Horrell is now in charge of developing new technologies at Deep Data, which are now regarded as some of the most cutting edge security surveillance instruments in the world.

What do we offer?

We currently offer an affordable and powerful intelligent CCTV security surveillance product called DeepAlert with a monthly subscription, which is a threat/interest alerting service that can be installed on existing IP camera streams.

The system is based on deep learning AI technology and is useful in a many application areas including people monitoring, conservation, perimeter security, health and safety compliance and production monitoring.

How can we do business together?

If you have a problem and would like to explore a project collaboration with us – get in touch with us and let’s have a chat about your idea and how we might solve it.

How we approach our business and products – this is what we value

Simple – keeping things to the point; doing what is needed
Powerful – high impact, advanced technology systems
Affordable – able to appeal financially to a broad audience
Responsible – operating ethically; do no harm to society
Scalable – of benefit to many

Meet the Team

Deep Data Founder Dr Jasper Horrell
Dr Jasper Horrell
Steve Chilled
Steve Porter
Chief Operating Officer
Lionel Profilepic
Lionel Waker
David Cropped
David van Niekerk
Machine Learning Engineer
Darren Nickall
Darren Nickall
Devops and Client Support
Ryan Bromfield
Ryan Bromfield
Deep Data Sales
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Henty Waker
Chief Commercial Officer

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